What Football Training Equipment Can Help You Improve Your Ball Control?


When it comes to improving your ball control, you can use a variety of equipment to help you get there with Strobe Sport website here.. These training equipment classics include cone drills, speed resistors, and rebounder nets. These training aids will help you improve your ball control, tempo, and confidence on the ball. These training aids come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes, so players can easily spot them from any angle.

Fitness and agility training drills

One of the best ways to improve ball control is to improve your foot speed. Jump ropes are an excellent way to improve speed and foot coordination. You can perform single-leg, crossover, and two-footed jumps. If you don't have access to a rope, sideways running is a great alternative. Begin at the base of the agility ladder and move your left foot forward. Once you reach the top, move your right foot out and repeat.

Another great exercise to improve ball control is the shuttle run. Typically, this drill is performed with three or more players. Athletes in stop-and-go sports like soccer and basketball use this drill to improve their foot speed. This drill will help improve agility, speed, and endurance.

Speed resistors

Using speed resistors in football training can be a great way to improve ball control, acceleration and anaerobic endurance. They are simple yet effective training tools that are suitable for large-group sessions and one-on-one training sessions. Using these speed resistors, players will work against their own strength or that of a teammate to accelerate and build lower-body power. This method will improve ball control, lower-body strength, and acceleration.

Speed resistors are also useful for developing upper and lower body strength. It works similar to working with a sled but is more portable. You should use it with a fellow player, as this will help you get the most benefit. Each Speed Resistor comes with a shoulder harness and strap with a two-handed padded handle.

Rebounder nets

A rebounder net in football training equipment is an essential piece of equipment for developing your ball control. It's easy to use and allows you to practice your passing skills without the need for an assistant. You can even practice at home if you can't attend regular training sessions.

A rebounder net can be very beneficial for improving your ball control, as well as quick thinking. It can also improve your throwing skills and accuracy of shots. It can also help you learn how to shoot with your weak foot. And, of course, it can help you develop your teamwork skills, too.

Cone drills

Cone drills football equipment are a great way to improve ball control and concentration. These drills can be done individually or as part of a team. Before you begin, it's important to perform a proper warmup. This warmup will prevent injuries. Set up four cones with a ball in the center of each. The first player dribbles the ball, around the middle cone and around the top cone on the right. Then, the player sprints to the opposite cone and back to the center and collects the ball. The player must repeat the drill for a minute.

The goal of the drill is to get the ball to your teammates. Stand behind cones that are about five yards apart. This creates three equal sections of the field. Players begin at one end of the tunnel and pass the ball to their partner, who must go through a cone. When the player gets past the first player, they earn a point.

Xampion insole trackers

If you are looking to improve your ball control, you may want to consider Xampion insole trackers. This device works by monitoring how quickly you can make contact with the ball and how far you run or sprint. It can also record your overall distance covered. It is a relatively inexpensive product, and is available on the Xampion website.

The Xampion sensor includes two sensors – one in each foot – which connect to an app via Bluetooth. These sensors can capture movement data during game play and training sessions. They also capture personal tempo, acceleration, and intensity levels. This allows coaches to monitor the progress of their players and make changes accordingly.


When it comes to ball control, mannequins in football training equipment can be a huge help. They mimic the opposition's free-kick wall, which will help you work on your technique. They also provide a range of support options for the player with the ball.

There are several types of mannequins that can be used in football training. The most common types include free kick mannequins, blow-up mannequins, and mannequin screens. Each type has a distinct function, but all are useful for improving ball control.