When you plan to buy or sell homes, one of the most important things is determining how much your dream property should be worth – which is where real estate comes in handy. 

What are Real Estate Comps?

Real estate comps or comparable sales are the best way to find out how much your home will be worth. It looks at recently sold homes in similar locations, sizes, and conditions as you plan on owning or renting them out.

Who Uses Real Estate Comps?

Almost everyone in the real estate industry and members of the general people can use the comps who are on the hunt for houses. Many parties can use real estate comps, including homebuyers, sellers, appraisers, and real estate agents. 


If they are homebuyers looking at homes that may suit their needs. They can use comp to determine how much they should offer for a home by comparing what others paid in the past few months. Buyers might also use these as negotiating tactics, trying out lower prices or seller concessions on their property.


Home sellers who want advice on how much money will go along with selling properties based on similar situations (e Data). They may want to consider using real estate comps to determine the fair market value. A consistent comparison can help put an offer on paper and counteroffers made by bidders if they are low-balling.


Appraisers can use comps to make sure values stay accurate when dealing strictly within one area’s market rate, so there aren’t any surprises down payment-wise during the closing time. 

Real Estate Agents

When real estate agent runs the CMA, they use comps to estimate fair market value. The comps help them with listings and getting it right in line with how much homes are worth on average.

How to Find Real Estate Comps?

Let us see some of the ways to find out if a house is worth looking at or not. One way would be consulting with your local real estate agent, but there’s also the option of searching on Google and other online databases that contain information about homes.

Search Them on Your Own:

The internet is a great resource for finding homes that are similar to what you’re looking for. If there isn’t an agent available, do some research on the web and find out how many bedrooms each house has as well as other important information about them before making decisions.

Get Help from a Real Estate Agent to pull MLS Comps:

The MLS helps to find up-to-date information on homes that are being sold, but it only has licensed agents and appraisers. To access this database of real estate comps, you’ll have to work with an expert who knows how to use these tools in their favor. It means having someone on your side skilled at running comps so they can give meaningful results when looking into buying something unique.